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Accepted scientific name:

Triodon macropterus Lesson, 1831 (accepted name)


Triodon bursaris Cuvier, 1829 (synonym)

Triodon bursarius Cuvier, 1829 (synonym)

Triodon macroptrus Lesson, 1831 (synonym)

Common names:

Bourse Creole, French, French

Bourse boutan Creole, French

Bourse de fond Creole, French

Bouvetanne Other

Brzuchacz Polish

Bwââî Numee

Cá Nóc Vietnamese

Cá Nóc ba rang Vietnamese

Drietand-blaasop Afrikaans

Pul-ttuk-pok Korean

Soft bellied puffer English

Sue-moemimi Samoan

Threetooth puffer English

Uchiwafugu Japanese

Uchiwa-fugu Japanese

Dà qí sān chĭ tún Mandarin Chinese

三齒魨 Mandarin Chinese

三齿鲀 Mandarin Chinese

長鰭三齒魨 Mandarin Chinese

长鳍三齿鲀 Mandarin Chinese




Phylum Chordata


Class Actinopterygii


Order Tetraodontiformes


Family Triodontidae


Genus Triodon



Agulhas Current; American Samoa; Australia; Bay of Bengal; Chagos Islands; China; Coral Sea and GBR; East China Sea; Fiji Islands; Guam; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Indian Ocean, Western; Indonesia; Indonesian Sea; Indo-West Pacific: East Africa to the Philippines, north to Japan, south to Australia and New Caledonia. Recently reported from Tonga (Ref. 53797).; Japan; Kaimon Maru Seamount; Kuroshio Current; Mauritius; Mozambique; Myanmar; New Caledonia; North Australian Shelf; North Marianas; Northeast Australian shelf; Northwest Australian Shelf; Ogasawara Islands; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Western Central; Peng-hu Island; Philippines; Réunion; Samoa; South China Sea; Taiwan; Tonga; Tuvalu; Viet Nam; Yellow Sea

Additional data:

Type species of the genus. Date from Eschmeyer (Ref. 12965).

Source database:

FishBase, Dec 2007

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Data last modified by FishBase 24-Aug-1994

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