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Accepted scientific name:

Pseudanthias cooperi (Regan, 1902) (accepted name)


Anthias cichlops (non Bleeker, 1853) (misapplied name)

Anthias cooperi Regan, 1902 (synonym)

Anthias taeniatus (non Kluzinger, 1884) (misapplied name)

Leptanthias kashiwae (non Tanaka, 1918) (misapplied name)

Planctanthias preopercularis Fowler, 1935 (synonym)

Pseudanthias kashiwae (non Tanaka, 1918) (misapplied name)

Pseudanthias taeniatus (non Kluzinger, 1884) (misapplied name)

Common names:

Red basslet English

Red-bar anthias English

Red-bar fairy basslet English

Silver-streak goldie English

Silwerstreep-goudvissie Afrikaans

库伯氏花鲈 Mandarin Chinese

庫伯氏花鱸 Mandarin Chinese

石斑 Mandarin Chinese

过鱼 Mandarin Chinese

過魚 Mandarin Chinese

锯鳃拟花鮨 Mandarin Chinese

鋸鰓擬花鮨 Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese




Phylum Chordata


Class Actinopterygii


Order Perciformes


Family Serranidae


Genus Pseudanthias



Australia; Cargados Carajos; Caroline Island; Chagos Islands; Cocos (Keeling) Islands; Cook Islands; Coral Sea and GBR; Great Barrier Reef; Guam; India; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Indian Ocean, Western; Indonesia; Indonesian Sea; Indo-Pacific: East Africa to Samoa and the Line Islands (Ref. 2334), north to southern Japan, south to the Great Barrier Reef.; Japan; Kenya; Kiribati; Kuroshio Current; Maldives; Marshall Islands; Mauritius; Micronesia,Fed.States of; Milne Bay; North Australian Shelf; Northeast Australian shelf; Northwest Australian Shelf; Ogasawara Islands; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Western Central; Palau; Papua New Guinea; Réunion; Samoa; Seychelles; Somali Coastal Current; South Africa; South China Sea; Taiwan; Tonga; Yellow Sea

Additional data:

Ref. 2334 explains the use of current generic name.

Source database:

FishBase, Dec 2007

Latest taxonomic scrutiny:

Group expert : Heemstra, Phillip C., Data last modified by FishBase 12-Dec-1995

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