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Accepted scientific name:

Centrobranchus nigroocellatus (Günther, 1873) (accepted name)


Centrobranchus chaerocephalus (non Fowler, 1904) (misapplied name)

Centrobranchus choerocephalus (non Fowler, 1904) (misapplied name)

Myctophum choerocephalum (non Fowler, 1904) (misapplied name)

Myctophum coccoi regularis Brauer, 1904 (synonym)

Myctophum nigro-ocellatum (Günther, 1873) (synonym)

Scopelus nigroocellatus Günther, 1873 (synonym)

Common names:

Lanternfish English

Mictófido Spanish

Pez linterna ojinegro Spanish

Pig-headed lantern fish English

Pig-nosed lanterfish English

Roundnose lanternfish English

黑鰓錦燈魚 Mandarin Chinese

黑鳃锦灯鱼 Mandarin Chinese




Phylum Chordata


Class Actinopterygii


Order Myctophiformes


Family Myctophidae


Genus Centrobranchus



Angola; Argentina; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Eastern Central; Atlantic, Northwest; Atlantic, Southeast; Atlantic, Southwest; Atlantic, Western Central; Australia; Benguela Current; Bermuda; Brazil; California Current; Canada; Canary Current; Canary Islands; Cape Verde; Caribbean Sea; Chile; Congo, Dem. Rep. of the; Congo, Republic of; Cuba; East Brazil Shelf; East Central Australian Shelf; Eastern Atlantic: Morocco to Senegal and from Gabon to Angola. Western Atlantic: USA to about 14°N, and from Brazil to Argentina. Northwest Atlantic: Canada (Ref. 5951). Indian Ocean: 8°S to 34°S. Southwest Pacific: off New Zealand. Southeast Pa; Gabon; Guinea Current; Hawaii (USA); Humboldt Current; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Indian Ocean, Western; Insular Pacific-Hawaiian; Kuroshio Current; Madeira Islands; Mauritania; Morocco; New Zealand; New Zealand Shelf; Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Southeast; Pacific, Southwest; Pacific, Western Central; Papua New Guinea; Patagonian Shelf; Senegal; South Brazil Shelf; South China Sea; Southeast U.S. Continental Shelf; Southwest Chilean Waters; Tasman Sea; Uruguay; USA (contiguous states); Western Sahara

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FishBase, Dec 2007

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Group expert : Paxton, John, Data last modified by FishBase 19-Aug-1994

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