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Accepted scientific name:

Alosa sapidissima (Wilson, 1811) (accepted name)


Alosa praestabilis DeKay, 1842 (synonym)

Clupea indigena Mitchill, 1814 (ambiguous synonym)

Clupea sapidissima Wilson, 1811 (synonym)

Common names:

Sável americano Portuguese

Sábalo americano Spanish

Amerikansk stamsild Danish

Amerikanischer Maifisch German

Amerikanische Alse German

Amerikaanse meivis Dutch

Amerikaanse elft Dutch

American shad English

Alose savoureuse French

Alose canadienne French

Alaccia americana Italian

Allaccia americana Italian

Alosa amerykanska a. zlotosledz Polish

Alose French, German

Amerikansk shad Norwegian, Swedish

Americka lojka Serbian

Amerikanische Finte German

Amerikankantasilli Finnish

Atlantic shad English

Common shad English

Connecticut River shad English

Hering american Rumanian

Herring jack English

North River shad English

Potomac shad English

Sável-americano Portuguese

Shad Afrikaans, English, Swedish

Susquehanna shad English

Vit staksill Swedish

White shad English

Amerikansk stamsild Danish

Placka chutná Czech

американский шэд Russian

美洲西鯡 Mandarin Chinese

美洲西鲱 Mandarin Chinese




Phylum Chordata


Class Actinopterygii


Order Clupeiformes


Family Clupeidae


Genus Alosa



Alaska (USA); America, North - Inland waters; Asia - Inland waters; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Northwest; Atlantic, Western Central; California Current; Canada; Former USSR - Inland waters; Gulf of Alaska; Kamchatka; Mexico; Nearctic; Newfoundland-Labrador Shelf; North America: Newfoundland (Ref. 1998), the St. Lawrence River, and Nova Scotia southward to central Florida. Due to introductions into the Sacramento and Columbia Rivers, this species is now found from Cook Inlet, Alaska (Ref. 1998) to Baja California; Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Northeast; Pacific, Northwest; Palearctic; Russian Federation; Scotian Shelf; St. Lawrence; USA (contiguous states)

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FishBase, Dec 2007

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