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Accepted scientific name:

Coregonus clupeaformis (Mitchill, 1818) (accepted name)


Coregonus albus Lesueur, 1818 (synonym)

Coregonus atikameg Bajkov, 1933 (synonym)

Coregonus clupeiformis (Mitchill, 1818) (synonym)

Coregonus labradoricus (Richardson, 1836) (synonym)

Coregonus latior Agassiz, 1850 (synonym)

Coregonus sapidissimus Agassiz, 1850 (synonym)

Salmo clupeaformis Mitchill, 1818 (synonym)

Salmo labradoricus Richardson, 1836 (synonym)

Common names:

Sø-helt Danish

Nordamerikanisches Felchen German

Marene Dutch, German

Lake whitefish English

Coregono dei grandi laghi Italian

Coregono de lago Portuguese, Spanish

Corégone de lac French

Common whitefish English

Anadleq Inuktitut

Anâdlerk Inuktitut

Anahik Inuktitut

Atekamek Cree

Atihkamekw Cree

Atikamek Cree

Attikumèk Cree

Coregone French, German, Italian

Corégone cisco French

Coregono Portuguese, Spanish

Coregono-de-lago Portuguese

Corégon de lac French

Eastern whitefish English

Felchen German

Gizzard fish English

Grand corégone French

Great Lakes whitefish English

Humpback whitefish English

Inland whitefish English

Jikuktok Inuktitut

Kakiviaktok Inuktitut

Kakiviartût Inuktitut

Kakkiviartoq Inuktitut

Kalupiat Inuktitut

Kanadasik Swedish

Kapihilik Inuktitut

Kapisilik Inuktitut

Kavasilik Inuktitut

Kaviselik Inuktitut

Kavisilak Inuktitut

Kavisilik Inuktitut

Keki-yuak-tuk Inuktitut

Maräne German

Pi-kok-tok Inuktitut

Pikuktuq Other

Pikuktuuq Inuktitut

Qalupiaq Other

Qelaluqaq Inuktitut

Sault whitefish English

Siika Finnish

Sik Norwegian, Swedish, Wolof

Sillisiika Finnish

Whitefish English

Amerikanskiy ozernyi sig Russian

Helt Danish

Koregonos Greek

Søhelt Danish

鯡形白鮭 Mandarin Chinese

鲱形白鲑 Mandarin Chinese




Phylum Chordata


Class Actinopterygii


Order Salmoniformes


Family Salmonidae


Genus Coregonus



Alaska (USA); America, North - Inland waters; America, South - Inland waters; Arctic Ocean; Argentina; Atlantic, Northwest; Canada; Chile; France; Germany, Fed. Rep.; Great Lakes; Italy; Japan; Nearctic; Neotropical; Netherlands; New Zealand; North America: throughout Alaska and most of Canada south into New England, the Great Lakes basin, and central Minnesota. This species was stocked into high Andean lakes in two countries in southern Latin America (Ref. 1739). Probably conspecific with; Switzerland; United Kingdom; USA (contiguous states)

Additional data:

Date (Ref. 12965).

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FishBase, Dec 2007

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