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Accepted scientific name:

Scomber colias Gmelin, 1789 (accepted name)


Pneumatophorus colias (Gmelin, 1789) (synonym)

Pneumatophorus japonicus marplatensis López, 1955 (synonym)

Scomber capensis Cuvier, 1832 (synonym)

Scomber dekayi Storer, 1855 (synonym)

Scomber gigas Fowler, 1935 (synonym)

Scomber gracilis Swainson, 1839 (synonym)

Scomber grex Mitchill, 1814 (synonym)

Scomber japonicus (non Houttuyn, 1782) (misapplied name)

Scomber macrophthalmus Rafinesque, 1810 (synonym)

Scomber maculatus Couch, 1832 (ambiguous synonym)

Scomber pneumatophorus Delaroche, 1809 (synonym)

Scomber scomber lacertus Walbaum, 1792 (synonym)

Scomber undulatus Swainson, 1839 (synonym)

Common names:

Altantic chub mackerel English

bullseye hardhead English

Atlantic chub mackerel English

Cagnassa Italian

Cavala Creole, Portuguese, Portuguese

Cavala-de-reino Portuguese

Cavala-do-reino Portuguese

Cavala-sardinheira Portuguese

Cavalinha Portuguese

Cavalla Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Cavallo Italian

Culeo Italian

Culeu Italian

Ganzariol Italian

Lacierto Italian

Laciertu Italian

Lanciardo Italian

Lansardo Italian

Lanzardo Italian

Lenzarde Italian

Lucardo Italian

Macarela Estornino Spanish

Maccarello Italian

Maquereau blanc French

Mittelmeermakrele German

Muzundu Portuguese

Muzundum Portuguese

Occhi grossi Italian

Occhione Italian

Occhioni Italian

Periquito Creole, Portuguese, Portuguese

Pesce havallo Italian

Pisci scummu Italian

Polauritto Italian

Scombro Italian

Scumbru Italian

Scurmu occhiutu Italian

Scurtone Italian

Serra-de-escama Portuguese

Sororoca Portuguese

Spansk Makrill Swedish

Strummu cucuzzaru Italian

Strummu ucchiutu Italian

Uocchi grossi Italian

Uccioni Italian

Varatulu Italian

圆鲭 Mandarin Chinese

圓鯖 Mandarin Chinese

Sgombro Italian




Phylum Chordata


Class Actinopterygii


Order Perciformes


Family Scombridae


Genus Scomber



Argentina; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic Ocean. Replaced by Scomber japonicus in the Indo-Pacific.; Atlantic, Eastern Central; Atlantic, Northwest; Atlantic, Southwest; Atlantic, Western Central; Brazil; Canada; Cuba; East Brazil Shelf; Guinea-Bissau; Italy; Mediterranean and Black Sea; Mediterranean Sea; Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf; Patagonian Shelf; Sao Tome and Principe; South Brazil Shelf; Spain; Turkey; USA (contiguous states)

Additional data:

Type locality, Sardinia, Mediterranean Sea (Ref. 33021).

Source database:

FishBase, Dec 2007

Latest taxonomic scrutiny:

Group expert : Collette, Bruce B., Data last modified by FishBase 08-Mar-2000

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