Species details

Accepted scientific name:

Eunectes murinus LINNAEUS 1758 (accepted name)


Eunectes barbouri DUNN & CONANT 1936 (synonym)

Eunectes murinus gigas (LATREILLE in BUFFON 1801) (synonym)

Eunectes murinus murinus DUELLMAN 1978: 227 (synonym)

Boa gigas LATREILLE 1802 (synonym)

Boa murina LINNAEUS 1758: 215 (synonym)

Boa scytale LINNAEUS 1758: 214 (synonym)

Common name:

Anakonda German



Phylum Chordata

Class Reptilia

Order Squamata

Superfamily Henophidia (Boidea)

Family Boidae

Genus Eunectes


Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Peru, Venezuela

Additional data:

Eunectes murinus gigas (LATREILLE in BUFFON 1801) was synonymized by DIRKSEN & BÖHME 1998. E. murinus is one of the largest snake species; one specimen reached 8.45 m (BELLOSA 2003), according to other sources 9.6 m (FLINDT 2002). Holotype: N.R.S. no. Lin. 9

Source database:

EMBL Reptile Database, Nov 2005

Latest taxonomic scrutiny:

Uetz P.

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