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Phylum Cryptophyta
Phylum Haptophyta
Phylum Hyphochytriomycota
Phylum Labyrinthulomycota
Phylum Ochrophyta
Class Bodonophyceae
Class Bolidophyceae
Class Chrysophyceae
Class Coscinodiscophyceae
Class Craspedophyceae
Class Dictyochophyceae
Class Eustigmatophyceae
Class Fragilariophyceae
Class Hexamitophyceae
Class Pelagophyceae
Class Phaeophyceae
Order Ascoseirales
Order Cutleriales
Order Desmarestiales
Order Dictyotales
Order Ectocarpales
Order Fucales
Family Cystoseiraceae
Family Durvillaeaceae
Family Fucaceae
Family Himanthaliaceae
Family Hormosiraceae
Family Notheiaceae
Family Sargassaceae
Genus Acystis
Genus Anthophycus
Genus Carpophyllum
Genus Cladophyllum
Genus Nizamuddinia
Genus Oerstedtia
Genus Sargassopsis
Genus Sargassum
Sargassum abbottiae
Sargassum acinacifolium
Sargassum acinaciforme
Sargassum acinaria f. obockianum
Sargassum acinaria var. hildebrandtii
Sargassum acinaria var. mauritianum
Sargassum acinarium
Sargassum agardhianum
Sargassum agaviforme
Sargassum albemarlense
Sargassum albertisii
Sargassum alternato-pinnatum
Sargassum amabile
Sargassum amaliae
Sargassum ammophilum
Sargassum anapense
Sargassum angii
Sargassum angustifolium
Sargassum aquifolium
Sargassum araii
Sargassum armatum
Sargassum asperifolium
Sargassum assimile
Sargassum autumnale
Sargassum baccularia
Sargassum balingasayense
Sargassum banyuejiaoense
Sargassum bataanense
Sargassum beihaiense
Sargassum belangeri
Sargassum bermudense
Sargassum bicorne
Sargassum biserrula
Sargassum biserrulioides
Sargassum boreale
Sargassum boryi
Sargassum boveanum
Sargassum brandegeei
Sargassum bryantii
Sargassum bulbiferum
Sargassum calophyllum
Sargassum camouii
Sargassum capillare
Sargassum capilliforme
Sargassum capitatum
Sargassum carpophyllum
Sargassum cervicorne
Sargassum cheirifolium
Sargassum cinctum
Sargassum cinereum
Sargassum claviferum
Sargassum concinnum
Sargassum confusum
Sargassum congkinhii
Sargassum corderoi
Sargassum cornigerum
Sargassum cornutifructum
Sargassum costatum
Sargassum cotoense
Sargassum crassifolium
Sargassum crispifolium
Sargassum cristaefolium
Sargassum cristatum
Sargassum cuneifolium var. integerrimum
Sargassum cuneifolium var. kamaranense
Sargassum currimaoense
Sargassum cylindrocarpum
Sargassum cylindrocystum var. faurotii
Sargassum cylindrocystum var. obockianum
Sargassum cymosum
Sargassum cystocarpum
Sargassum cystophyllum
Sargassum dazhouense
Sargassum decipiens
Sargassum decurrens
Sargassum densicystum
Sargassum densifolium
Sargassum densum
Sargassum denticarpum
Sargassum dentifolium
Sargassum desfontainesii
Sargassum desvauxii
Sargassum distichum
Sargassum divaricatum
Sargassum diversifolium
Sargassum dotyi
Sargassum droserifolium
Sargassum dumosum
Sargassum echinocarpum
Sargassum ecuadoreanum
Sargassum elegans
Sargassum emarginatum
Sargassum ensifolium
Sargassum erinaceum
Sargassum erumpens
Sargassum esperi
Sargassum euryphyllum
Sargassum expansum
Sargassum fallax
Sargassum feldmannii
Sargassum fergusonii
Sargassum filicinum
Sargassum filifolium
Sargassum filiforme
Sargassum filipendula
Sargassum fissifolium
Sargassum flavicans
Sargassum flavifolium
Sargassum fluitans
Sargassum fonanonense
Sargassum fresenianum var. adenense
Sargassum fresenianum var. steudneri
Sargassum frutescens
Sargassum fruticulosum
Sargassum fujianense
Sargassum fuliginosoides
Sargassum fulvellum
Sargassum furcatum
Sargassum fuscifolium
Sargassum fusiforme
Sargassum galapagense
Sargassum gaudichaudii
Sargassum gemmiphorum
Sargassum giganteifolium
Sargassum glaucescens
Sargassum godeffroyi
Sargassum gracile
Sargassum gracillimum
Sargassum graminifolium
Sargassum granuliferum
Sargassum grevillei
Sargassum guangdongii
Sargassum guardiense
Sargassum hainanense
Sargassum hawaiiensis
Sargassum hemiphylloides
Sargassum hemiphyllum
Sargassum henslowianum
Sargassum herbaceum
Sargassum herklotsii
Sargassum herporhizum
Sargassum heterocystum
Sargassum heteromorphum
Sargassum hildebrandtii
Sargassum hombronianum
Sargassum horneri
Sargassum hornschuchii
Sargassum horridulum
Sargassum horridum
Sargassum howellii
Sargassum huangluense
Sargassum hystrix
Sargassum ilicfolium var. venusta
Sargassum ilicifolioides
Sargassum ilicifolium
Sargassum incanum
Sargassum incisifolium
Sargassum incisum
Sargassum insulare
Sargassum integerrimum
Sargassum integrifolioides
Sargassum intermedium
Sargassum johnsonii
Sargassum johnstonii
Sargassum kashiwajimanum
Sargassum kasyotense
Sargassum kuetzingii
Sargassum kushimotense
Sargassum lacerifolium
Sargassum lanceolatum
Sargassum lapazeanuma
Sargassum latifolium
Sargassum laxifolium
Sargassum leizhouense
Sargassum lendigerum
Sargassum leptopodum
Sargassum liebmannii
Sargassum ligulatum
Sargassum linearifolium
Sargassum longicaulis
Sargassum longifructum
Sargassum longivesiculosum
Sargassum lophocarpum
Sargassum lunense
Sargassum macdougalii
Sargassum maclurei
Sargassum macrocarpum
Sargassum mangarevense
Sargassum marchantae
Sargassum marginatum
Sargassum mathiesonii
Sargassum mcclurei
Sargassum megalocystum
Sargassum micracanthum
Sargassum microceratium
Sargassum microcystum
Sargassum microphyllum
Sargassum miyabei
Sargassum muticum
Sargassum myriocystum
Sargassum nanshaense
Sargassum naozhounse
Sargassum natans
Sargassum neurophorum
Sargassum nigrifolioides
Sargassum nigrifolium
Sargassum nipponicum
Sargassum notarisii
Sargassum novae-hollandiae
Sargassum nozhouense
Sargassum obovatum
Sargassum obtusifolium
Sargassum odontocarpum
Sargassum ohnoi
Sargassum okamurae
Sargassum oligocystum
Sargassum oocyste
Sargassum pachycarpum
Sargassum pacificum
Sargassum pallidum
Sargassum palmeri
Sargassum paniculatum
Sargassum paradoxum
Sargassum parvifolioides
Sargassum parvifolium
Sargassum parvivesiculosum
Sargassum patens
Sargassum peronii
Sargassum persicum
Sargassum phamhoangii
Sargassum philippinense
Sargassum phyllocystum
Sargassum piluliferum
Sargassum pinnatifidum
Sargassum pinnatifolium
Sargassum plagiophyllum
Sargassum platycarpum
Sargassum podacanthum
Sargassum polyceratium
Sargassum polycystum
Sargassum polyphyllum
Sargassum portieranum var. mombassiense
Sargassum portierianum
Sargassum primitivum
Sargassum prismaticum
Sargassum pseudocystocarpum
Sargassum pseudolanceolatum
Sargassum pteropleuron
Sargassum pulchellum
Sargassum pumilum
Sargassum pusillum
Sargassum pyriforme
Sargassum qingdaoense
Sargassum qinzhounse
Sargassum qionghaiense
Sargassum quinhonense
Sargassum ramentaceum
Sargassum ramifolium
Sargassum rhizophorum
Sargassum ringoldianum
Sargassum rostratum
Sargassum sagamianum
Sargassum salicifolioides
Sargassum salicifolium f. diversifolia
Sargassum saltii
Sargassum samarense
Sargassum sanyaense
Sargassum scabridum
Sargassum scabripes
Sargassum scherzerianum
Sargassum scopula
Sargassum segii
Sargassum serratifolium
Sargassum setifolium
Sargassum shandongense
Sargassum shangchuanii
Sargassum siliculosoides
Sargassum siliquastrum
Sargassum siliquosum
Sargassum silvae
Sargassum silvai
Sargassum sinclairii
Sargassum sinicola
Sargassum skottsbergii
Sargassum sociale
Sargassum sonderi
Sargassum spathulaefolium
Sargassum spathulophyllum
Sargassum spinifex
Sargassum spinuligerum
Sargassum squarrosum
Sargassum steinitzii
Sargassum stenophyllum
Sargassum stolonifolium
Sargassum subdroserifolium
Sargassum subfalcatum
Sargassum subrepandum
Sargassum subspathulatum
Sargassum subtilissimum
Sargassum sullivanii
Sargassum swartzii
Sargassum symphyorhizoideum
Sargassum tahitense
Sargassum taiwanicum
Sargassum telephifolium
Sargassum templetonii
Sargassum tenerrimum
Sargassum tenuifolioides
Sargassum tenuifolium
Sargassum tenuissimum
Sargassum teretifolium
Sargassum thivyae
Sargassum thunbergii
Sargassum tilesii
Sargassum torvum
Sargassum tosaense
Sargassum trichocarpum
Sargassum trichophyllum
Sargassum tristichum
Sargassum turbinarioides
Sargassum turbinatifolium
Sargassum umezakii
Sargassum vachellianum
Sargassum varians
Sargassum vaysierianum var. acinarioides
Sargassum vaysierianum var. assabiense
Sargassum vaysierianum var. assarkense
Sargassum velasquezii
Sargassum verruculosum
Sargassum vestitum
Sargassum vigorosum
Sargassum virgatum
Sargassum vulgare
Sargassum wakayamaense
Sargassum wangii
Sargassum weizhounse
Sargassum wenchangense
Sargassum wightii
Sargassum wsizhouense
Sargassum xishaense
Sargassum yamadae
Sargassum yamamotoi
Sargassum yendoi
Sargassum yezoense
Sargassum yinggehaiense
Sargassum yongxingense
Sargassum yoshidae
Sargassum zacae
Sargassum zhangii
Genus Turbinaria
Family Seirococcaceae
Order Laminariales
Order Scytosiphonales
Order Scytothamnales
Order Sphacelariales
Order Sporochnales
Order Syringodermatales
Order Tilopteridales
Not assigned to an order
Class Pinguiophyceae
Class Raphidophyceae
Class Synurophyceae
Class Xanthophyceae
Phylum Oomycota
Phylum Sagenista
Not assigned to a phylum

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